The company’s delivery note signed by the customer or his employees or agent shall constitute proof, that the goods delivered there accorded with the quantity, type and quality reflected thereon with that order. The onus shall be on the customer to prove contrary. Ownership of all goods delivered shall pass to the customer when they purchase price, therefore, has been paid in full. Any delivery date specified is approximate only and the company shall not be bound by any date(s) agreed upon in the Contract, but shall make a reasonable effort to deliver the goods by the specified date(s), consequently, the customer acknowledges that time is not the essence of the Contract. All delivery times quoted are on an “ex works” basis and relate to working weeks only. The delivery period will be calculated from the receipt of final instructions. We shall not be liable for the delay but we shall endeavour to comply with the delivery time specified. Arrangements may be made for the delivery of goods by road, rail or otherwise. We accept no responsibility for the failure of any such arrangements. If the Company’s offer includes “delivery to site” it is understood that the customer has the necessary facilities to off-load the goods and will be in a position to accept the goods at a stipulated time, failing which all additional costs and charges for transport and storage will be for the customer’s account. The goods will be off-loaded and stored by the customer. If the company cannot deliver or supply some or all of the goods for any reason whatsoever, the company shall have the right, in its discretion to cancel the whole or any part of the Contract forthwith, alternatively the right to execute the order at the earliest possible date after being in a position to do so